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SCSF April 2008 Fix for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

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Smart Client Software Factory April 2008
Fixed for VS 2008 SP1 (MSI-Package)
This is not an official release of SCSF Guidance Package.

Please read NEXT FEW lines carefully to understand if it suits for you.

April’s 2008 official release unfortunately has several known issues on VisualStudio 2008 SP1

This package is provided for you by AAR only as a result of careful applying patches described at the CodePlex SCSF knowledge base website to the Aplil’s source code and a minor repackaging all the result as MSI.

Use it only on your own risk.

Also this prepackaged version contains some popular binary libraries of two additional products:

These files can be found at «Lib» subdirectory under your installation path. These files are passive i.e. do not affect any exisiting installations of corresponding products.

As well this installation contains HxS Help files from the original Smart Client Software Factory, that will be integrated into VS2008 Help system during installation (the last percent of the installation progress indicator is Help merging, and it takes the most time of the overall process).

So, theoretically, this package can be used as the sufficient standalone replacement of scsf.2008.april.

Samples and Reference implementation of SCSF are not included yet, but can be included later if an appropriate feedback will be received.


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7 декабря, 2008 at 7:18 дп

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